Sea Inspired

I feel so lucky to live by the sea. I am continuously inspired by the ocean, the sun rising over it and the light reflecting on it. It is having a large impact on my new body of work. Reflection of light and balance of shapes are key themes to my finished pieces as well as my sketches on Instagram @thebookofkels. So I thought I would just show you some of the scenery that I am blessed to see every day and and is fuelling my creativity. 

Inspiration from

The internet is full of amazing inspirational resources, giving access to work that I can only ever dream of seeing IRL. I have been blown away by the rich resource that is the moma online collection. Thousands of artworks from across their collection and they are all at my fingertips. A never ending resource of inspiration! I would recommend checking it out!! Here's a few of my favourites from today's eye-candy session. Click on the links below to go to the direct page on . Have fun! [PS. I am also pinning inspiration regularly on Pinterest]

From Top : Alexander Calder : Ellsworth Kelly : Jean (Hans) Arp : Matt Mullican : Auguste Herbin : El Lissitzky