Putting myself out there

Hello! My name is Kelly, most people call me Kels. This blog is a journal for me to record my ideas, inspirations, aspirations and failings; to write about what inspires me, challenges me, the process involved in my work, successes, failings, the awesomeness of art and design. Sharing a part of myself. Putting it all out there to not be precious and share generously.

On Jan 1 this year I embarked on a yearlong art journaling project on Instagram @thebookofkels. It is simply a 30 minute sketch every day. The idea is to make time every single day to do something, anything, in my sketchbook and post it. The posting makes me accountable, it makes me not want to miss a day no matter what. It gives me a virtual creative community. It teaches me that it is okay to show work that isn't finished or perfect... and it's loads of fun!! This simple act of sharing has given me so much confidence in what I do and allowed me to connect with other like-minded people. 

I hope you will join me on my journey.